Research on materials and renewable raw materials has led us to create original and innovative sleeping conditions. We produce pillows containing polyurethane, viscoelastics, fibre, microfibre, wool, feathers, down and latex in different combinations.


The characteristic of slow return in these pillows excludes all forms of muscle tension, and guarantees a correct support for all head positions during sleep.

The pillows are available in full and perforated versions. Perforation favours high transpiration and gives an agreeable sensation of freshness.

The LIMPHA version (green) contains raw materials of vegetal origin, thus being eco-sustainable.

The WATERGEL version (blue/black) imparts a sense of freshness and a very pleasant welcoming sense.
The ALOE version contains essential natural oils.

The HEALTH GUARD version undergoes an exclusive treatment that gives the treated pillows anti-allergic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

PILLOWS of the rectangular / classic type
Measurement in cms    Type
73x43x13.8                 ITALY
73x49x10.5                 ITALY
67x42x14                    CANADA
70x40.5x16                 USA
60x35x13.5                 SPAIN
70x35x13.5                 SPAIN (2)
75x35x13.5                 SPAIN (3)
80x35x13.4                 SPAIN (4)
90x35x13.5                 SPAIN (5)
105x35x13.5               SPAIN (6)
135x35x13.5               SPAIN (7)
150x35x13.5               SPAIN (8)

Measurements in cms:

cm. 33x30x(11-7,5-9)
cm. 50x30x(11-7,5-9)
cm. 60x35x(11,5-8,8-10)
cm. 65x36x(11,5-8,8-10)
cm. 65x41x(11,5-8,8-10)
cm. 70x41x(11,2-7,2-9,2)
cm. 70x41x(11,5-8,8-10)

The pillow slips we use are rectangular or a 100% cotton and polyamide band, all are certified OEKO-TEX.

These are elastic and not deformable, and are realized in 64 mm H.C.S. fibre. Product hygiene is guaranteed by its antimicrobial treatment and by washing at 40° C.

Special softness, smoothness and contained weight are the principal characteristics of these pillows. The microfibre (1.3 dtx) provides thermal insulation (air entrapment in microfibre cavities) never achieved by other artificial filling.

Their smoothness and natural softness provide essential components for healthy and quiet sleeping. These pillows are easily adaptable, can be shaped to any form, and ensure dry warmth during the night.

Natural properties of latex: anti-allergic, elasticity and not attacked by bacteria and mould. They provide ideal support for the back of the head and the cervical vertebrae, ensuring a healthy rest. The peculiar cell structure of the latex promotes the passage of air, and moisture is never retained.

Completely realized with natural materials, ecological and anti-bacterial. Washable in water at 40°C. Lavabile in acqua a40°C